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Renault is launching a new global campaign that gives new meaning to Formula 1 innovation Marketing Communication News [Video]

The performance of Renault’s E-TECH technology, derived from F1®, is now available to everyone. it completes the electric range for its hybrid vehicles.

“We work hard not just to make one man drive better, but to drive everyone further” 

Renault’s technological innovations and Formula 1™ performance fully benefit the vehicles in its E-TECH range. This is the militant and human message of progress carried by Renault’s new global campaign, that has been released, first in France, on the symbolic date of December 24th, 2020.

The brand has been involved for many years in very high-level motor racing, but also at the forefront and leader in electric mobility. For Renault, competition is not only an end but also a key investment in the service of automobile progress for all.

Renault has chosen to talk about this connection through the passion of its engineers, the people who are at the heart of the team involved in Formula 1 …

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