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Today I am going to show you how to remove the “shipping calculated at checkout” text from your Shopify stores. When you are dropshipping or running an ecommerce store and you are offering free shipping you don’t want this text on your product pages. This could ruin you conversion rate because you will throw your customer off if you are offering them free shipping on your actual ad or on your announcement bar of your website. I hope this helps you!

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My name is Jayden Garcia and I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014. I had major success early on in my career with my 1st business doing multiple 7 figures in sales and multiple months of over $100k in sales over a 5 year span. I eventually exited the company due to it not being as profitable as it once was. I’ve seen success and failure that most entrepreneurs never get to experience, but we never take our “L’s” as losses but only as lessons! I’m now currently building new brands while also growing an audience on social media by posting daily business content on TikTok, Instagram, ect. I know I have a lot of experience that I can pass on to other entrepreneurs and I want this channel to serve as a hub for those that are just getting started and also those looking to gain more knowledge for their business currently. THE GRIND DON’T STOP! 😎


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