Reimagining Global Payments to Strengthen Travels Recovery Skift [Video]

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In this video:

  • Changing Global Payments landscape: A look at how the Global Payments landscape has changed in 2020 and what this means for specific sectors
  • Digital pre-payments: While airlines have been using digital pre-payments for nearly two decades, other travel segments have fallen behind. Why is this and what can be done to accelerate adoption?
  • Alternative payment methods: Examples of alternative payment methods and who is using them, including case studies from WeChat Pay and Sofort; and
  • Demystifying the complexities of payments: What are the specific solutions to streamlining digital payments and how do they fit into the purchasing ecosystem from marketing, sales, ecommerce, digital and beyond?

Virtually all industries have seen a rise in contactless payments due to new health and safety measures around Covid-19. For travel suppliers, supporting personalized touch-free payment experiences has increasingly become a benchmark for success.

In this breakout session recording from Skift Global Forum, we hear from Eric Liebman Head …

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