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Reaching international students in 2021: more social, longer videos, and faster responses – ICEF Monitor [Video]

Like everything else during the time of COVID, there are as many questions as answers about the best ways to reach international students. Perhaps only one thing is stable and certain: students in target countries and cities are online more than ever before.

The global average of time spent on the Internet is 6 hours and 54 minutes per day, with this rising to over 10 hours in markets such as the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, and South Africa; many other important source countries are also far above the average.

Source : DataReportal

As a result, international students in 2021 are more likely than ever to respond to branded online content that resonates with them. The questions are:

  • What kind of messaging will have the greatest impact?
  • What kind of format, and on which platforms?

We’ve compiled some of the latest research to help to guide your thinking about how to reach out to students in this crucial time.

Social media usage is …

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