Rakuten | Japanese e-commerce platform [Video]

Formerly, is an online marketplace run by Rakuten Inc a successful Japanese e-commerce platform.

In this article we will look at, 1) what is Rakuten?, 2) (Formerly, 3) how to sell successfully on, 4) advantages and disadvantages of selling on, 5) taking precautions on, and 6) success stories.

The Company

Rakuten Inc is an e-commerce and internet business originating from Tokyo, Japan. The company was created by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997 as MDM Inc. He still serves as the Chief Executive. The Rakuten Shopping Mall or Rackuten Ichiba began operations in May 1997 and is the largest such site in Japan. It is also the largest in the world by sales figures. In 1999, the company name was changed to Rakuten Inc. The name itself derives from the Japanese word for optimism or rakuten.

By 2012, the company was earning US$4.6 billionand bring in operating …

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