Rabobank unveils 45 food & ag startups that will participate in FoodBytes! Pitch [Video]

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In light of COVID-19, the FoodBytes! face-to-face networking events and pitch slams – which Rabobank has been running for five years in multiple cities – recently transitioned​ to FoodBytes! Pitch,​ a startup discovery platform that gives corporate leaders and investors exposure to a larger group of startups, with opportunities for deeper interaction and networking throughout the year.

The 45 shortlisted companies​ – chosen from nearly 340 applicants across the globe – will attend a series of virtual mentoring sessions in mid-October on everything from deal structuring to legal, financing, recruitment, and go to market strategies.

They will also get the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with mentors to secure direct feedback on products, technologies and pitches.

Each will then submit a three-minute pre-recorded video for consideration, explained Anne Greven, global head of food and ag innovation at Rabobank, who said a great pitch required energy and passion, a well-thought …

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