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Quora Ads and Affiliate Marketing (Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial) [Video]

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Watch behind my shoulder as I teach you how to do affiliate marketing using Quora Ads.

I am using ClickBank as the example network and product here, but you can use ANY product and the same idea will apply and same steps as I cover in the tutorial.

We have to take some steps and they are:

0:00 – Introduction1:44 – Create a Quora Ads account + important note7:27 – Select a product (ClickBank in our example)11:05 – Create a landing page & thank you page47:38 – Set up conversion tracking53:38 – Set up an autoresponder1:07:10 – Promote our landing page using Quora Ads

Let’s quickly go through them step by step and see what we have to do.

Step 1: Create a Quora Ads account

In order to run Quora ads, you have to create a regular Quora account.

👉 Simply sign up for an account at:

You should then be able to answer and ask any questions you …

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