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Public Relations – Klint Marketing [Video]

Public Relations and Media Relations was once a relationship based artform.In a digital world, there are millions of websites and communities to target for exposure and new customers.

Are you still using outdated techniques to get media coverage of your brand?

Media coverage is no longer about relationships. How has Media Relations Changed?3% of journalists prefer to be pitched over email

It’s all about targeting, channels, and playing the numbers game57% of top tier publishers receive between 50 and 500 pitches per week

We’ve Worked With Major Publishers on Behalf of Clients Across Europe and North America

Growth-Hacking PR Tactics Will Change the Way You Look at Getting Exposure in the Media

Newspapers and magazines don’t hold the key to getting in front of a digital audience57% of Americans say they get their news on social media.

Social Media is changing the Media Relations Game:93% of PR professionals say they pitch …

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Social Media Marketing

How Airrack Turned $20,000 in Debt into 1M YouTube Subscribers [Video]

@airrack has a fascinating story so last week I invited him over, we ordered some tacos and rosé, and hopped in the jacuzzi to shoot the shit about his YouTube growth, businesses and life story.🔔 Subscribe to the channel for more videos to help you on your entrepreneurship journey:🦊 Get weekly marketing tips from me straight to your inbox:👪 Join my Facebook Community to discuss entrepreneurship with others:📈 Find the BEST software tools to run your business: