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Programming fundamentals: no coding required [Video]

Programming fundamentals: no coding required

There are three challenges we face as users and creators of no-code tools:

The “”LEGO brick”” problem: choosing tools that make building easy but make customization hard, or tools that let you do anything but are finicky for large projects;
The “”behind the TV”” problem: organizing and understanding no-code projects as they grow in complexity, and;
The “”back of the magazine”” problem: replicating existing no-code projects without rebuilding them from scratch.

In this session, I’ll spell out these problems and show you how to borrow fundamental concepts from traditional programming to address them.

Michael Skelly (he/him), CEO and founder, Stacker
Michael studied Computer Science at Oxford and Machine Learning at Imperial College London. Before founding Stacker, he worked as a CTO at various startups in London. He currently lives in Bristol, UK.

Presented at Webflow’s No-Code Conference 2021.

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