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Profiling: Asha Ranchhod Patel, Head of Marketing at Google SA [Video]

Today at 09:33

Barb's Wire

Today with Kieno Kammies Guests Barbara Friedman

Today at 09:40

Covid 19 Update and the National health departments missing budget leaves docs without work

Today with Kieno Kammies Guests Dr Angelique Coetzee

Today at 10:08

Five matrics from the class of 2020 selected to travel to Antarctica

Today with Kieno Kammies

Today at 10:33

Psychology: Containing your Inner Critic

Today with Kieno Kammies Guests Professor Kobuss Maree – Department of Educational Psychology at University of Pretoria

Today at 10:45

AUDIO: Alan Winde Interview covid and budget for unemployed medical staff sitting at home

Today with Kieno Kammies

Today at 11:32

Latest from the world of advertising with Jonathan Cherry

Today with Kieno Kammies Guests Jonathan Cherry – Director at Cherryflava Media

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Digital Marketing

Why You Shouldn't Put Links In Your LinkedIn Posts [Video]

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Google is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the “Cha-Cha Slide” with a unique Easter egg that literally gets the search results moving. Searching for “Cha-Cha Slide” will now bring up a knowledge panel with a sparkling microphone icon. Unless you're ready to dance, please do not search for [cha cha slide] and click on the […]