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PRICING MINDSET | $30K for a Website is a Rip off? 🤔 [Video]

PRICING MINDSET | $30K for a Website is a Rip off? 🤔

This video is perfect for those Creatives or Web. Designer/Developer who want to charge more for their project.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 What I used to charge
01:00 Why I started this YouTube channel
01:33 The issue: limiting beliefs
01:45 A mindset shift
01:50 My personal experience with a high-paying client
02:30 Rip off is subjective
03:27 Customer purchasing decision
04:35 Understand your market
05:30 Business category examples
06:00 Articulate your value confidently
07:00 Money psychology

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Thanks for watching the video on how to price your project fairly.

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Figma Web Design Inspiration for Service Section Design - Figma Web Design Tutorial [Video]

In this Figma wed design we are sharing three different, simple, minimal service section design for your next UI/UX design project. We used Figma auto layout, Figma components, and Figma smart animate to make this.==============Arguably The World’s Fastest WordPress Host - WPX, check here: showed three very simple but very practical service section design in this video. These are simple to make and deliver the information properly. And, because of the use of Figma auto layout, Figma components, and Figma smart animate. Design manipulation is much easier, if needed.We will post these kinds of web design inspiration more often. And not just service section design. We will try to cover every possible section on a website. You can also recommend us for our next video if you want.We will not just stop on web design in Figma. We will also convert this into a functional service section in design in the next video. We will use Elementor in WordPress. So, keep an eye for that Elementor tutorial.Also, this is not going to be the only service section on the website. This is just the first one of many web designs inspiration. And every week we post videos on new UI design inspiration. Either it is the full business website or sections like these.So, for weekly website design inspiration or UI design inspiration please subscribe. And click the bell icon if you don’t want to miss any of that. And, of course for the Elementor services section in the next video.__________________________________________Our Products----------------------All Premium WordPress Themes Maria – WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme – Feminine Style WordPress Theme – Blog WordPress Theme ____________________________________________________________________________________Tools We Used-------------------------Video cartoon by voiceover by research by video is related to the following keywords:• Figma web design,• service section design,• web design inspiration,• web design in Figma,• service section in website,• UI design inspiration,• website design inspiration,#Figmawebsite #servicesection #designinspirationPlease Visit OurBlog: us,Pinterest: you enjoy the WordPress tutorial video, you can help us with a LIKE as well as give your feedback in the comment section. We will greatly appreciate it if you share this "Figma Web Design Inspiration for Service Section Design - Figma Web Design Tutorial" on Facebook. Your share can help other people to learn more about UI/UX design.Music by MBB DISCLAIMER▸ This is NOT a sponsored video. ▸ Some affiliate links are used, which means that I earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. It will not cost you extra but help me create more content for our Audience.▸ I only recommend things I have had great success with.

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Marketing a physical product can be easy, given you can take beautiful flatlays/lifestyle shots... But when you're marketing an app or SAS product, all you have is screenshots. 😐 I spoke to Cory Etzkorn recently, who is a Designer at Notion (and you know I love Notion). He spoke about how Notion prioritise making imagery that looks & feels real. I really loved what he had to say, and wanted to share it here. You can watch the full episode interview here:🚀 CharliMarieTV is now powered by Figma! is a design tool that helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. And it's free! :)TIMESTAMPS:00:00 An important part of marketing materials 00:36 Hear what Cory has to say 01:46 Who creates all the product imagery? 02:45 Who the imagery is created for 04:11 UI straight from a 'real creator's' account05:02 How do you handle digital product shots? 💬-----------------------------------------------// ENJOY MY VIDEOS?My videos don't have pre-roll ads because ads are annoying and I don't want you to have to sit through them. If you want to support me and my channel the best thing you can do is join my Patreon! You'll get extra content and ways to learn, like behind-the-scenes process info, downloadable assets and a patron-only podcast! Sign up here: ABOUT MEHello there! I'm Charli and I'm a half-British, half-kiwi web and graphic designer currently living in Valencia and posting design videos about tools, projects, and concepts as well as vlogs of my life as a designer. Please subscribe and say hi in the comments so we can be friends :) -----------------------------------------------// MOREBuy my font: http://charlimarie.storeMy site & blog: https://charlimarie.comDesign Life podcast: http://designlife.fmInside Marketing Design podcast: SOCIALTwitter: MUSIC & TECHMusic from Epidemic Sound. If you want to try it out, sign up using my link! & end card animation by hand lettering animator Austin Saylor: by Nancy Palm & Belén Albiol