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PRICING MINDSET | $30K for a Website is a Rip off? 🤔 [Video]

PRICING MINDSET | $30K for a Website is a Rip off? 🤔

This video is perfect for those Creatives or Web. Designer/Developer who want to charge more for their project.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 What I used to charge
01:00 Why I started this YouTube channel
01:33 The issue: limiting beliefs
01:45 A mindset shift
01:50 My personal experience with a high-paying client
02:30 Rip off is subjective
03:27 Customer purchasing decision
04:35 Understand your market
05:30 Business category examples
06:00 Articulate your value confidently
07:00 Money psychology

Ready to attract high-paying client?

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Thanks for watching the video on how to price your project fairly.

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TOP 5 Best Fleet Maintenance Software That Boost Business [Video]

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