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Pippa Malmgren Discusses America’s “Digital Civil War”, Social Unrest & The Black Vote [Video]

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With politics playing so prominently into what's been driving US markets lately, as investors (or the algos that trade on their behalf, at least) seemingly reacted to every comment out of Capitol Hill, the White House or President Trump's twitter feed.

With roughly three weeks to go until the big day, the hosts of MacroVoices invited Dr. Pippa Malmgren, who once served as a presidential advisor on economic policy during the George W Bush Administration.

Questions from host Erik Townsend focused mostly on the political outlook during the final weeks until the election, whether the polls are once again underestimating support for President Trump, as well as certain potential misperceptions related to the black vote.

Though, in one notable tangent, Malmgren offers some interesting thoughts about the collapse of Wirecard, the German payments giant that filed for bankruptcy protection after a special audit finally exposed the $2 billion-plus hole in …

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