Peter Luxenburg (Frost Limited) – E-Commerce on Amazon [Video]


How to build your own e-commerce company on Amazon – and then sell it!

In this video, Peter Luxenburg tells us during a Fireside Chat how he selected Amazon as his platform, and he researched all the “ins and outs” of selling on Amazon
– How to find a profitable product opportunity
– How to get your brand in front of customers
– How to create an attractive product offer and the right price
– How to get Amazon’s rating system to work in your favour

But Peter also worked with sourcing and manufacturers solving
– How to source products from multiple factories and wholesale markets
– How to run quality control, consolidation and logistics
– How to plan and forecast shipments and payments

All of this Peter tied together via his company in Hong Kong.

The result was an online e-commerce success, and Peter Luxenburg then went on to sell his whole online creation – thus making an “Amazon e-commerce exit.”

All recorded on the 15th of January 2020.

Peter was interviewed by Amrit Sethi …

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