PC Andrew Harper’s mother blasts £18.99 ‘blue lives murder’ T-shirts sold on Amazon [Video]

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PC Andrew Harper's disgusted mother has slammed 'blue lives murder' T-shirts being sold on Amazon after her son was killed in the line of duty. 

Deborah Adlam has started a petition to stop the online store from selling the £18.99 T-shirts which are emblazoned with the slogan 'Blue Lives Murder'.

The slogan, which gained popularity after George Floyd, a black man in the US, died at the hands of the police, is a play on Black Lives Matter and suggests that policemen commit murders. 

Ms Adlam wrote: 'Please sign share the hell out of this… stop Amazon. If this goes again I will. Never buy from them again'. 

The T-shirt has previously come under fire from The Police Federation, which represents rank and file British officers, who branded the shirt 'deeply offensive' as it shows an officer with a raised baton, appearing to attack a member of the public. 

Amazon has refused to remove the merchandise from its site and …

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