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Finding Social Media Content Ideas: A Proven System [Video]

Struggling to come up with social media content? Looking for a process to fuel your content creation? Social video expert Matt Johnston shares a repeatable system you can use to develop a pipeline of content ideas that never ends. You’ll learn how to combine your buyer persona and a lifestyle map with search to develop numerous topics your audiences will be interested in. You’ll also discover a four-part system to create headlines that will guide content creation for multiple social media platforms. Finally, you’ll discover a system for creating content that is specific to your brand and business.🔔 Subscribe for More Social Media Marketing Tactics —🚀 Visit Matt’s Channel for More Tips About Video Marketing:– 🎧 Subscribe to The Social Media Marketing Podcast–💡 Wondering How Fellow Marketers Are Using Social Media? — Download our Industry Report: Intro00:40 Step 1: Persona Exercise01:38 Step 2: Lifestyle Map02:13 Step 3: Keyword Research02:43 Step 4: Create Headlines05:07 Problem/Solution Grid05:55 Additional Resources#SocialMediaMarketing #VideoMarketing #VideoAds