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Overcome the struggle of being active on Social Media [Video]

Online marketing takes TIME, plenty of time. The struggle is to balance between social media and writing.

Writers must write but it is all in vain of you have no audience.

Social media has changed the face of communication. Everyone from your mailman to your grandma has a Facebook account, if not an Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter account.

Active, consistent engagement is key, along with relevant fresh content.

If this is overwhelming – know that you are not alone.


  1. Hire a shout out.Find someone to manage your email and Twitter and any other of your online spaces. But remember that they will not do the same job that you will.  Personally, connecting with your audience is key.
  2. Protest and procrastinate.This will do no good. The era of social media is not going away.
  3. Master and manage.Dig in and learn the tricks and tools you need to build a killer presence on social media.

Social …

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