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Our Web Design Work I Custom-Branded WordPress Websites [Video]

Our Web Design Work I Custom-Branded WordPress Websites

Let’s build you an online home that is tailored to suit your brand!

Here is what you get when you book our Custom Web Design & Development plan:

+ Website onboarding questionnaire
+ Assistance on domain name & hosting
+ Custom website design (includes fonts & colours selection)
+ Information architecture / site map
+ Stock imagery, image resizing and graphics design
+ Custom web development on WordPress
+ Implementation and configuration of plugins (performance, security etc.)
+ Mobile friendly website (mobile, tablet, desktop testing)
+ Content adaptation & on-page SEO
+ Up to 8 pages
+ A creative 404 page
+ Blog integration/set up
+ Email marketing set up & integration
+ Guideline to edit web pages so you can make small changes yourself

This way, you will be able to;
✨ start posting articles to drive traffic to your website
✨ start collecting quality leads
✨ focus on your own business and personal life
✨ save time and frustration
and feel confident with your unique online home! ✨

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Social Influence.Co‘s mission is to empower individuals and small-sized companies to harness the power of online world through engaging and effective strategies and visual elements. We aim to create stunning brands and turn your ideas into businesses, helping you have a work/life balance.

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Website Design

Hero Text Animation effect - New Typing Text Animation in HTML CSS [Video]

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Website Design

This cursor follow interaction is too good. Let's build it [Video] 👈 Learn UI/UX & CSS Today. Use "UI2022" for 22% Off! -- Today, I'm going to show you how to create a really cool, smooth cursor-follow effect using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the GreenSock animation platform. I spotted this effect here, and thought it'd be awesome to recreate it: Codepen Demo: 0:00 - Project Preview 0:28 - HTML 1:16 - CSS 4:35 - Initial JS 5:50 - Black Cursor Follow Circle 7:06 - Hand Animation on Hover Let's get started! #frontend #javascript #css - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS! Learn UI/UX: My personal FB account: Coursetro FB: Coursetro's Twitter: Join my Discord! ^-Chat with me and others - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who is Gary Simon? Well, I'm a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I've created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn,, Pluralsight and Envato Network. Now, I focus all of my time and energy on this channel and my website Come to my discord server or add me on social media and say Hi!

Website Design

My Interactive CSS Course is Live! Master Layouts Today [Video]

Take the CSS Course Now 👉 FRIDAY! Use Code "BF40" for 40% Off-- Today, I'm finally launching my long-awaited interactive CSS course. We've been working on this course for nearly a year now, and I'm so excited to finally launch it with a week long Black Friday sale that will end this Cyber Monday.So let's take a look at this course, and why I know it's the best way to learn how to piece together layouts with flexbox, and the CSS grid.First, it's entirely project-based, meaning there's no messing around with boring theory. All of the designs you learn to build, have been designed by a professional designer -- MYSELF! There's just something about building layouts that look great, instead of building layouts designed by frontend developers with no design skills. Also, it's not just video. And while there are 8 hours of video, this course also includes interactive challenges, and also project based challenges.So, what are these interactive challenges? Well, we've developed a custom platform where in each challenge, you're tasked with solving a layout problem with CSS -- based on what you've learned in the course to that point. Each challenge has objectives, which are marked off whenever you complete the required CSS code. There are also project-based challenges. You're provided with a component or a layout that I've personally designed in Figma, and you're able to put your new found skills to the test on your own.Now in this course, you're going to learn a LOT! And it's almost all primarily based on teaching you how to build stuff designed in Figma, utilizing flexbox and the grid, where appropriate.With that said, we're launching this course with a 40% off black friday sale which will last all the way until Cyber Monday. Use code BF40 at checkout for that 40% off. This sale also applies to the UI/UX course as well. This means that you can grab both the UI/UX course and the CSS course and save over $80 today. I hope to see you all join and I'll be back with more videos here on YouTube later this week!Take the CSS Course Now 👉 FRIDAY! Use Code "BF40" for 40% Off#css #frontenddeveloper #html - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS!Learn UI/UX: https://designcourse.comMy personal FB account: FB:'s Twitter: my Discord!^-Chat with me and others- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Who is Gary Simon? Well, I'm a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I've created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn,, Pluralsight and Envato Network. Now, I focus all of my time and energy on this channel and my website to my discord server or add me on social media and say Hi!

Website Design


Please be sure to subscribe! COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ECOMMERCEThe Internet has truly changed the modern world.It has changed the way we interact with each other, the way we use information and even the way we do business. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, more and more people decide to start their own e-shop. And it's really easy to see why. With low barriers to entry, global transactions totaling more than $1.2 trillion in 2013, and double-digit growth forecasts, the potential is truly terrifying.In the past, if you wanted to open a store, your customer base would be limited to those within a certain radius of your store. These days, you can open your doors much wider, on a national, or even international scale.The purpose of this e-commerce beginner's guide is to teach you all the essentials of starting and running an ecommerce business.WHAT IS AN ECOMMERCE STORE?Let's start with the basics, shall we? E-commerce - short for e-commerce - is simply a way for people to buy products or services over the Internet through a website. Or, to put it simply, eCommerce is an online store. Many major online retailers, including Amazon, ASOS, and Overstock, fall under the eCommerce banner, and many companies with an offline presence also have an eCommerce arm, such as Walmart, Ikea, and American Apparel. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’ll know how eCommerce works from a consumer perspective. The focus of today’s guide is to introduce eCommerce from a business perspective.WHO CAN OPEN AN ECOMMERCE STORE?In a word: anyone.GETTING STARTED WITH ECOMMERCEAt its core, eCommerce is a commercial business. The business principles needed for running an offline business still apply to running an online business, although the challenges you will face will be different. With that in mind, the basic outline of an e-commerce business model is very similar: you need products to sell, a place to sell them, and a marketing strategy to attract customers. In eCommerce stores, you will also need a strategy for the actual delivery of the goods you sell, since the customer cannot remove them from the shelf. Let's take a look at each of these concepts and compare how they differ from your approach to offline commerce.A PRODUCT TO SELLFirst, your eCommerce store will need the product/s you will be selling. It can be done indoors or outdoors. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMIf you are new to web development, building a website from scratch can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that you don't need programming knowledge to create a website: you can use a so-called Content Management System (CMS).It basically provides a framework for your website and allows you to add and edit pages on your website with the click of a button – perfect if you want to add and organize a range of products.There are a number of CMSs available, but this can get overwhelming for beginners. For simplicity, I’ll stick to comparing two of the most commonly used CMSs, WordPress and Shopify.