Optimise Your Sales Process – Missing Link Social Media [Video]

It can be tempting to prioritise the exciting parts of building your business, such as coming up with new marketing ideas and creating ads, but one crucial and often underestimated part of growing a business is the sales process. In this blog post, I’ll cover the fundamentals you need to ensure you’re moving people effectively through your marketing into sales.

The Importance of a Streamlined Sales Process

Whether you sell products online or deliver services offline, your sales process is what turns your marketing efforts into revenue.

For eCommerce businesses that my team and I work with, our service includes a website CRO (conversion rate optimisation) live audit.

We know how much of an impact the websites ability to convert will have on our performance, so I’ll jump online with one of our CRO partners for up to an hour and review:

  • Historical data analysis through Google Analytics, Shopify etc.
  • Copywriting and USPs
  • Images/photos/videos/design
  • Plugins
  • Load Speed
  • Social proof (testimonials etc)
  • Functionality, such as the Search Bar and …
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