Ontario woman has her credit card cancelled, reward points taken without notice [Video]

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TORONTO –A Pickering, Ont. woman says that due to the pandemic she was planning to do more online shopping as she has to stay home and care for her mother. But when she recently went to order groceries online, she was shocked to find out her credit card had been cancelled.

“It was an account in good standing, why would it be closed just like that?" Lisa Wedlake said.

“It came as a complete shock to me because I’ve never had a card declined before and I was just trying to buy groceries."

Wedlake has had a Walmart MasterCard for the past 10 years and accumulated $586 worth of Walmart reward dollars. When the credit card was cancelled the reward dollars disappeared too.

Wedlake said she has a good credit rating and has not missed any credit card payments. She had not used her credit card for about eight …

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