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Online Course Tips: What should be included in a membership site? [Video]

Online Course Tips: What should be included in a membership site?

Time for another online course tip. What should a membership site include? In this video I will show you some examples and give you some membership site ideas. If you missed the video on types of membership sites, check that out here.

Membership sites are becoming more popular as a way to increase customer loyalty. They can be used for any industry and have an unlimited number of features that could make your business thrive. But what should you include on your membership site? A lot of that depends on the type of membership site you are building. In this video I am going to be showing what I am including in my membership site as well as some other membership site examples.

This video is for anyone who creates online courses and wants to know what a membership site should include. We’ll go over why you might want a membership site, the benefits of having one, and how to create one if you decide that’s what you want.

A membership site can be an excellent way to charge people on an ongoing basis for access to your online course material as well as exclusive content only available through your membership.

Some benefits of membership sites are creating an ongoing revenue stream, giving customers the option to invest a smaller amount of money than full consulting fees and still having access to the great products that you already have. This is also a great way to build trust with your customers.

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Hi my name is Diana Wilson and welcome to my YouTube channel. I enjoy making videos to help you create and sell online courses. Each week I will give you tips and tutorials that will help you in the online course creation process. From online course platforms to marketing tips and tricks,
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I am an online course consultant that enjoys sharing my knowledge of online course development. This includes everything from online course design up through the course launch. Helping others learn how to build a course and share their knowledge with others is very rewarding.

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