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Omni-Channel User Journey Tracking in Facebook [Video]

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Our customers are using more channels than ever before, and it can be difficult to keep up with the user’s journey to conversion as they weave through them all.

Tracking this journey is especially difficult when it comes to social media, whose analytics typically lack the in-depth user journey insights that Google Analytics gives us – until now.

Facebook are about to make significant changes to their analytics; changes that make it easier for marketers to understand how the different actions people take on their social pages and via different channels and devices contribute to conversions.

Their new ‘Journeys’ feature tracks the user’s convoluted paths through multiple channels, such as your Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger bot, as well as websites, apps, and devices, and displays them in a single report.

Facebook’s omni-channel analytics will, in a nutshell, help marketers get better quality information about their customer journeys and better understand the role social media plays in assisting conversions. Social Media managers everywhere rejoice.

Why Should You Care?

Journeys makes it much easier to see they key channels that play a role in the conversion.

This will …

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