Oaxaca artisans venture into international E-Commerce – The Yucatan Times [Video]

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Besides altering our daily activities and the Mexican economy, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way artisans produce their goods. Oaxaca has become the main producer and exporter of handicrafts to other markets, both national and international.

Due to the coronavirus health emergency in Mexico, which has recently hit its most critical stage, the state government announced on May 8 that Oaxaca’s handicrafts will be sold on Amazon Handmade Aripo, an online platform where arts & crafts will be sold with more ease in global markets .

This website that is part of Amazon’s online services, an American company that holds 60% of this kind of transaction in the world, is specialized in the promotion and sale of handicrafts.

Oaxaca’s governor Alejandro Murat announced that Oaxaca and its handicrafts, that represent the identity of its people, will be part of Amazon’s e-commerce. “Today, we have a new way to develop the economy …

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