No surprise: Revelations of graft and dubious ethics in Golden Globe nominations [Video]

There was considerable surprise that the Netflix show Emily in Paris had two nominations.


You could be forgiven for forgetting that it’s awards season. I had totally forgotten. But then I remembered this: One recent morning the doorbell rang to notify me of a delivery. That’s not unusual these days. I am, like many of you, more familiar with online shopping outlets than I ever imagined. This delivery, however, came from CBC TV. Cookies, no less.

The gift or graft – chose your own terminology – was to promote the return of The Great Canadian Baking Show. The graft was dead handy, actually. Not that I was interested in the cookies but it was coming on Valentine’s Day and neighbours and their kids got some tasty treats.

In the annals of graft in the entertainment racket this is small spuds. As a for-instance, CTV sent over an apple pie last year, and that too …

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