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NO GUTS NO GLORY LIVE with Bryan Jimenez [Video]

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Bryan and I talked about:

👉 The importance of taking risks.

👉 How rewarding going into the unknown can be.

👉 How Hurricane Maria had a huge impact on Bryan’s life.

📍As a full-stack web developer, web designer, and online marketing strategist, Bryan helps small to medium-sized businesses reach a higher potential of customers or clients through online portals, branding, social strategizing, and email marketing. He gives these businesses the tools they need to showcase themselves in a vast online world.

With much experience in full-stack development, Bryan uses his coding expertise to complement his design eye and combining the power of web design with functionality. The result, a beautiful user experience (UX) inside a powerful online platform that converts.

Bryan has worked with a number of online coaches, speakers, real estate, eCommerce, fitness personal trainers, B2B and B2C, medical service providers, and foodservice industry businesses.

Bryan is available as a web consultant, online marketing strategist, and implementation.

As a full-stack web developer, web designer, and online marketing strategist, Bryan helps …

Online Marketing

The Pivot What is it and why you need to start doing it yesterday - Learn How to Sell Art Online [Video]

The Pivot: What it is and why you need to start doing it yesterdayThePIVOT defined, why it's such an important strategy for 2021, historical examples, artist examples, and how to get started. REQUEST A DEMO HOW WE HELP Popular PostsThe 7 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art OnlineHow Artist Megh Knappenberger sold $200,000+ []

Online Marketing

Running a small business is like riding the most inspiring, challenging roller coaster in the world. In January 2020 GoDaddy launched two new TV spots which told the stories of small businesses in the UK. For 2021, they are building on that same idea with a new creative campaign that showcases the creativity and resilience of authentic customers and reinforcing GoDaddy as the helping hand through a business online journey.