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#NishHack Paid Social- Yay or Nay (Part 1) [Video]

Which would you choose?

Scenario 1: Paid social ads running on Facebook & Instagram yields MQLs at $80 per lead

Scenario 2: Paid social ads running at the same time on LinkedIn yield MQLs at $400 per lead

(let’s assume your service is a high ticket product with plenty of margin loaded in to cover these CPAs)

Which do you choose?

(1) or (2)?

If you choose either, without looking at the quality of these MQLs

And asking if any of them actually closed…

Well then you haven’t been watching our #nishhacks series on Paid Social ads for lead generation very closely now, have you?


(Thanks Calum Stark and Nishaan Vigneswaran – nice little series this one)

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