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Next Up in Facebook’s More Together Campaign: the Drummergirls United Group – Adweek [Video]

The new video features the Drummergirls United Facebook group and stars drummer Sharon-Rose Molina.

It was directed, produced and composed by women, including Facebook’s in-house creative team, Creative X, with the aim of showing the impact that women have when they come together and the legacy they leave on music culture.

Floria Sigismondi—who has directed music videos for David Bowie, Katy Perry, Pink and Justin Timberlake—directed the new video.

Tammy Mitchell-Woods created the Drummergirls United group in 2017 as a place for female drummers to find a community of others who understood what it was like to be in a predominantly male industry, and after starting with eight members, there are now over 1,500 in over 70 countries.

She said in an email, “I started the Drummergirls United group on Facebook to initially have a place where I could simply connect with other women drummers, but it’s become so much more. It’s really …

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