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Newly Launched Focaccia Florist Takes A Bite Out Of The Flower Industry With Surreal/Punchy Valentines AD Marketing Communication News [Video]

The Focaccia Florist, London’s first floral bakery, launches today with a punchy yet humorous take on the Valentines occasion, asking consumers “Why Give Flowers You Can’t Eat”. The campaign ​will be launched across digital media across the UK from February 2021.

The surreal spot, created by 10 Days London, shows the awkward moment of receiving a bouquet of flowers on Valentines with an unexpected consequence. ​The woman appearing to be completely bemused by the gift but still trying to look pleased, takes a huge bite out of the roses. ​Video is available ​here​.

The campaign is supported by a series of tactical communications poking fun at key industry players including creating a limited edition Bloom & Wild Mushroom Hydrangea to remind companies who sell flowers you can’t eat are simply not practical in today’s climate. All proceeds will go to ​Plantlife​, a Wild Plant Conservation Charity.

The Focaccia Florist makes beautifully delicious floral bread bouquets & garden designs …

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