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New Zealand Diploma in Music [Video]

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Build upon the New Zealand Certificate in Music learning additional skills in

  • composing for commercial and personal projects
  • managing, coordinating and performing at gigs and events
  • sound engineering for live and studio music productions
  • promoting own work through a mix of traditional and online marketing strategies

This diagram [PDF, 537 KB] shows study pathways between the New Zealand Certificate in Music (Level 4), and the New Zealand Diploma Music (Level 5). 

Recording studios Johnny Cash performance theatre

State of the art facilities

You will have the opportunity to organise and perform with fellow students in our Johnny Cash performance theatre

Music students have exclusive use of our recording studios.

Study alongside other creative industries students from Arts, Media, Interior Design and Creative Writing, in our purpose-built Creative Industries building on Nile Street.

What will I learn?

Sound Production

Four courses are designed to prepare you for live and studio sound production.

Build upon MUS401 Sound Production Fundamentals and MUS402 Live …

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