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New YouTube Stats, New YouTube Shorts Updates, New YouTube Post Features, and a Lot More [Video]

New YouTube Stats, New YouTube Shorts Updates, New YouTube Post Features, and a Lot More

Explore YouTube changes with Michael Stelzner and YouTube expert, @Diana Gladney.

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00:00 Intro
01:40 YouTube User Demographics, Advertising Stats, and Shorts Views
06:18 YouTube Shorts Rollout and Feature Updates
12:57 YouTube Community Posts Feature, Analytics, and Scheduling Updates
19:38 Changing Your Channel Name and Profile
21:34 YouTube Testing Automated Lists of Products Detected in Videos
23:35 YouTube Explore Tab on Desktop
25:05 Pre-publish Checks System Updates

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5 Post COVID Business Ideas To Start This Weekend #shorts [Video]

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Are your posts not seen? Well, I have news for you…It’s not the algorithm.It’s your content and engagement.That’s it.This video is a REAL conversation I had with a business owner…and I want to share it so we have an open and *honest* conversation.Content creation doesn’t have to be hard.If our posts focus on our followers (not always on our business), engagement will follow.If this post resonated, let’s engage!Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond so we can get to know each other better