New Scam: Scammers hide behind Amazon brand to steal your info [Video]

There is a new scam circulating in which scammers will hide behind the Amazon brand to try and steal your information.

An emailed receipt confirms a recent purchase on Amazon. It looks legitimate at first glance. It says this customer bought more than $900 worth of laptops, which he did not.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Casey Nakamura, Amazon customer.

His mother's name is listed, but she did not make this purchase either.

"This whole email was designed to scare me into reaching out to them and giving them information about myself so they can hack me in the future," said Nakamura.

There is an 888 number to call if you did not place this order. Here's what happen when we call, pretending to fall for the scam:

The person on the other line told me to download We did not. Our I.T. manager said team viewer …

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