Never return a fashion buy again:Thanks to these online shopping secrets top stylists swear by [Video]

Whether you love it or hate it, we’re all having to rely on online shopping.

As a stylist, I can tell you that for many women, myself included, this is challenging.

Being unable to try on clothes makes it tricky to find the perfect fit. Even fashion experts make errors, such as the Victoria Beckham trousers I bought without noticing the low pleats on the hips — they made my thighs look huge.

Knits and loose-fitting loungewear are relatively safe purchases, but finding trousers, jeans and jackets cut just right is hard even for the most seasoned internet shoppers.

Yes, you can use online guides, such as where you type in your bust, waist, hip and leg measurements, but they’re not perfect and measuring errors are easily made.

So to minimise tiresome return trips to the Post Office, here are my insider online shopping golden rules.


If you’re at either end …

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