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My Completely Unorthodox Mastermind Method [Video]

My Completely Unorthodox Mastermind Method

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In today’s video, I’ll share how I approached creating my mastermind and share how my unorthodox approach to masterminds benefits both my clients and myself.

Intro My Completely Unorthodox Mastermind Method
01:18 – Overview Of A Mastermind
01:59 – Networking and Experience-Based Masterminds
02:34 – Value-Based Masterminds
03:01 – Guest Speaker Based Masterminds
03:52 – How I Approached Creating My Mastermind
04:46 – What Makes My Mastermind Different
07:11 – Client Results From This Mastermind Format

Dan Henry here and I help people sell their advice online. I went from being a broke college dropout pizza delivery boy to creating a $10 million online business.

I made my first million dollars selling my knowledge through my 30 Day Agency Program with just a laptop and over the next 3 years it grew to $10 million in revenue. Now I’m here to help you learn how to sell your knowledge. This channel will help you create an online course, sell an online course, and create a successful online business.

Selling courses isn’t as hard as you think. You’ll learn how to create high-converting digital products, grow an audience, pre-sell your course without creating it, and become a master at paid ads, marketing and sales funnels, and email marketing.

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