Mouthwash Studios identity and site for furniture brand Waka Waka is playful yet luxurious [Video]

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When it comes to e-commerce sites, you generally know what kind of experience you’re in for. Which is why, when we came across the site for Waka Waka, a Los Angeles-based studio focusing on wood furniture and functional objects designed and handcrafted by Shin Okuda, we were intrigued to find out which creative studio was behind it as it took us totally by surprise.

Turns out it was Mouthwash Studio in collaboration with Ben Mingo, also based in Los Angeles, a small creative collective started by a group of friends who met through the internet and decided to go into business together. Before officially starting the studio, the group initiated a magazine and a podcast series. “It’s what really brought us all together and led to the studio being created,” Mouthwash explains. Today, its work varies but there’s a constant focus on “intentional digital experiences through web design, that requires quite a lot of strategy and …

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