Mother-of-two slammed for stockpiling enough shopping to last until JANUARY [Video]

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A single mother has been branded 'selfish' after admitting that she has stockpiled enough goods to last her family until January. 

Mother-of-two Emma Tarry, 26, from Lancaster, has been building up a stock of food and other essentials through online shopping, in fear the country could soon be facing a second lockdown

Appearing on This Morning today, she admitted that she has purchased 400 tins of food and 700 nappies in preparation, but thinks she 'isn't affecting her local supermarket' because all of her shopping has been online.

Viewers weren't convinced by her argument, with several branding the mother's argument 'utterly ridiculous' and saying that regardless of where she does her shopping, stockpiling goods 'creates a shortage' for others

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'I’ve brought a lot of things really,' said Emma. 'I have about 400 tins and 700 nappies.

'My fridge freezer is bigger than usual so I’m able to stock it with more frozen foods and stuff like …

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