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Morrison and Murdoch take on Google and Facebook [Video]

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It’s a tough world out there and it ain’t getting any easier.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison though wants his mate Rupert Murdoch to make some easy millions off someone else’s work.

When Murdoch has an itch in a place nobody would dare venture, even with heavy-duty gloves and a Hazmat suit, the Liberal Party can always be relied upon to help out. This time Scott Morrison has appeared with eager fingers and his trademark smirk.

Businesses once happy to take a punt with advertising budgets are now less willing to gamble and are investing marketing dollars where they know precisely how much bang they’re getting for their buck.

Traditional media, such as the printed press, television and radio have an offering.

For that offer, you’ll pay top dollar. You’ll also be rolling the dice on what page your advert will appear or what time slot it will feature in. You’ll receive a rough idea of how many brought …

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