Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman – WHAT THE TRUCK?!? (with video) [Video]

Cheap and easy Video Content Marketing

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking to Morning Brew CEO and co-founder Alex Lieberman about how he helped build a $20M+ media empire based off of a newsletter.

Are small carriers in for an extinction-level event? We investigate.

Andy Hedrick of TK7 Products plays it forward with an original song written by The Dude. Can he sustain a beat as well as TK7 Products’ work toward sustainability?

In headlines: Pricing power continues its streak, but earnings tell a slightly different story.

Bad News/Good News concerning Prime Day’s $3.5 billion score, e-commerce delivery times and Coca-Cola discontinuing Tab.

They’re joined by special guests Alex Lieberman, CEO and co-founder of Morning Brew, and Andy Hedrick, co-founder of TK7 Products.

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