Moment Amazon driver ‘tries to steal’ family’s ‘expensive’ Siamese cat [Video]

An Amazon delivery driver was confronted by a furious customer after he was spotted on camera apparently trying to 'steal' his cat off his doorstep. 

CCTV footage shows the courier drop a package on a customer's doorstep before picking up the man's 13-year-old pet and walking off.

But after spotting the alleged attempted theft the homeowner ran outside to confront the man beside his van. 

The incident was recorded outside the customer's home in Chingford, Essex on Monday.

Amazon have since confirmed that the man, who works for a delivery service provider, will no longer be allowed to deliver for the company.

In the clip, the courier is seen walking up the driveway of a customer to hand over their small package.

Standing on the doorstep, the man notices Yoshi, a friendly half-Siamese, half-Burmese cat approaching him.

The cat sits down next to the driver, and allows the man to …

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