Mike Walsh: How AI will change the future – Speakers Connect [Video]

What if the next great leap in technology was not systems that ran faster and more efficiently, but we’re capable of anticipating our every need? We are just at the beginning of a radical transformation of life as we know it. The starting point, according to futurist Mike Walsh in this excerpt from one of his keynote speeches on the future of business, is to look closely at how e-commerce leaders like Amazon, Ocado, and Alibaba are leveraging machine intelligence to transform their operations and customer experiences.

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Mike WalshMike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. His expertise is giving leaders advise on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change. Mikes travels the world over 300 days a year, interviewing innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate revolutionaries to give his clients and audiences the freshest and best vision of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Mike has …

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