Migrating Over to Shopify with Jazmin Alvarez – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 136 [Video]

Migrating Over to Shopify with Jazmin Alvarez – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 136

Pretty Well Beauty, founded by Jazmin Alvarez, a 14-year veteran of the fashion and beauty industry, is the answer to functional and approachable clean and sustainable beauty.

For the past 9 years, Jazmin has been a leading and trusted clean beauty advocate having experienced herself that using products with fewer and non-toxic ingredients creates a happier, holistic relationship with your skin that radiates from the inside out.

Having seen first-hand the direct relationship between the products that you put on your body’s largest and external organ to your vital organs.

Jazmin’s goal for Pretty Well Beauty is to define and set the highest standards of clean beauty and wellness by partnering with brands that adhere to only the strictest standards of clean and sustainability practices.

Additionally she would like to continue building upon the platform of education when it comes to clean beauty and how that plays into our everyday lives and making it accessible to everyone who seeks a more holistic approach to personal care and well-being.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:00] Intro
[01:15] New Shopify features announced
[03:37] The story of Pretty Well Beauty
[08:16] Building relationship with brands
[10:34] How Jazmin got started on her brand
[12:32] Jazmin’s biggest mistake when starting
[13:38] Finding a partner is very crucial
[14:09] Don’t rush and have a timeline
[14:41] Aesthetics vs data and marketing
[15:36] Prep for data and optimization
[16:23] Aesthetics are still important
[17:24] Sponsor: Electric Eye
[17:44] Sponsor: Mesa
[18:38] Sponsor: Rewind
[19:13] Sponsor: Gorgias
[20:42] Sponsor: Klaviyo
[21:51] Getting those first sales
[24:26] Why Jazmin decided to migrate
[26:49] The advantages to Shopify
[28:37] Jazmin’s coming back for a follow-up

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