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Marketing strategy of Oppo and Huawei [Video]

Technological development is an inseparable part of present-day reality. The industry of technology is steadily growing thanks to the continuous research and development by various companies. In this highly competitive industry, Oppo and Huawei managed to gain a strong position and popularity among other strong names. Both were founded in China and are actively engaged in the production of consumer technology and much more. Many factors influenced the success and prosperity of these brands. Among them, marketing strategies have their unique place and role. In this blog, let’s discuss marketing strategies and SWOT analyzes of both Oppo and Huawei.

Let’s begin with Oppo and discuss the mission and vision statements of the company.

Mission Statement

“We exist to elevate life through technological artistry.”

The mission statementof Oppo is remarkably typical for a company in the sector of technologies. It combines all the goals that any technological company tries to bring to life. …

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