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Marketing Strategy and SWOT Analysis of Whirlpool [Video]

Have you ever thought about how some things do not work on their own? Not literally but almost as if they need something else to justify their existence. Among those things are clothes, for example. Wear them for one day, two days, but then eventually you can not put them back on without washing them. Something else is food. Think about how much food would be wasted if refrigeration was not an option. Yup, it does sound pretty simple and such a useless realization to face. But some companies save everybody just a bit of headache. Among those businesses is Whirlpool, a kitchen, and laundry appliance store.

To begin this blog, we are going to take a look at the mission and vision statements of Whirlpool.

The mission statement of the company is as follows.

“Earn trust and create demand for our brands”.

Purchasing home appliances is slightly complicated. Even after asking a bunch of people around, this is a contradictory …

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