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Marketing Intern Q2 | Built In Austin [Video]

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  • Video guidelines exploration including video/motion graphic for social media, web assets, and digital documents
  • Assist the video team on various projects – both internal and externally facing
  • Assist with coordinating and management of executive briefings
  • Assist with development and management of executive events
  • Research and book venues and hotels for Q2 hosted events
  • Analysis of SAT scores to discover trends and make recommendations for program improvement
  •  Planning and organizing key tactics associated with field marketing and account-based activities such as email marketing, webinars, digital marketing and more
  • Brainstorm new ideas for generating leads and engagement
  • Assist in building out and launching sales plays targeting a specific set of accounts
  • Work across teams within Marketing including events, operations, creative and communications to assist with the planning, execution and measurement of activities
  • Research key marketing channels and provide input on leveraging those channels to increase quality lead generation
  • Gain an understanding of and leverage available Marketing technologies including 6Sense, Marketo, and Salesforce

Major: Majoring in Marketing, Advertising, Motion Graphics, Animation, Video, Graphic Design, Hospitality Management, Communications, …

Online Marketing

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