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“Marketing Champions” with Susan St.Denis from BluHorn Media Buying and Planning Software [Video]

On “Marketing Champions”, experts in the fields of advertising and marketing share their experiences on how we champion for our clients, brands and ourselves. We discuss social justice and morality in marketing, adversity that we have overcome in the field and how that translates to success with our clients. Today we met with Susan St.Denis from BluHorn Media Buying and Planning Software.

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BluHorn Media Planning and Buying Software is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that advertising agencies, media buyers/planners, and digital media directors and strategists use to plan media, buy media, analyze media, report media, and reconcile programmatic, digital and traditional media buys. BluHorn integrates with Nielson, Comscore, BluHorn Programmatic (powered by Centro), and QuickBooks; saving you time and money. While other tools on the market like MediaForce, GaleForce Digital, Advantage, Strata, and FreeWheel may require contracts, BluHorn remains a cost-effective solution with no contract requirements. Enjoy a …

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