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Marketing Blog How to Generate Leads from Social Media [Video]

Over the years in social media, the best networks for me to generate leads have come from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Rumble. Now, of course, my own business is more of a B2B type of business.

Though I do not own a retail store or anything like that, though I did years ago. I now provide services to small and medium-sized businesses.

(But when I did many years ago, Pinterest was the go-to place for me as well as Twitter.)

To generate any leads on social media, you have to engage with others on the network. You can no longer push content out and expect returns to come back for you.

But if you engage with others, share their content, and help them when they have questions, you can generate leads. It takes time and that time can = years. 1-2 years before you begin generating clients from your social media efforts.

You really have to put the work into it or …

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