Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook’s new e-commerce feature benefiting from shutdowns [Video]

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that his new e-commerce platform Facebook Shops is seeing good uptake thanks to coronavirus lockdowns.

'We're seeing increased activity, certainly of people interacting with small businesses, as small businesses start to use Facebook Shops more,' Zuckerberg told CNBC on Thursday.

'It's not just one clear story where every sector is doing the same… things like entertainment, gaming that people do while they're at home are recovering faster but certain things like travel I think are going to have an issue for a very long time,' he said. 

Facebook earlier this month launched Shops, a service that allows businesses to display and sell products on the world's largest social network's platforms.

As with Facebook's other e-commerce features, Shops will be free for businesses to access with the expectation it will boost consumer engagement and ad sales. 

The move to build up e-commerce offerings follows Facebook's launch last year …

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