Manufacturing content marketing strategy example for businesses [Video]

Cheap and easy Video Content Marketing

November 9th, 2020 min read

I'll admit it. Being brought up as an only child, I've always clung to this notion that I'm different or special. I mean, can you blame me? My parents had me and the moment they looked into my big brown eyes, they said to themselves, "We got it right on the first try, no other baby can top her."

(Or maybe they said, "Oh no, what have we done?" Yikes. Did they? You know what, for the sake of this article, let's pretend it was the former. I'm not ready to emotionally unpack that right now.)

So, when I talk to business leaders and digital marketers (especially those in the manufacturing space) who are convinced there is something about their business niche, their industry, or their company in particular that makes them too different to really lean into content marketing, I get it. 

In fact, I'll give you this — you're …

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