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Make sustainability tangible to customers: Interview with Kelly Beater (felix mobile) [Video]

We hear the phrase ‘balancing profit with purpose’ but how does it play out on a micro and macro level for marketers? 

In this interview, Marketing speaks with Kelly Beater, the head of sales and marketing at felix mobile, a digital telco with an environmental mission. We discuss how to put customers and the planet first – and how to tangibly show that to the world.

Showing brand values to customers

An IBM Institute for Business Value survey recently found that nine in 10 consumers surveyed reported the COVID-19 pandemic affected their views on sustainability and made them grow increasingly concerned about the environment. With this in mind, it is not surprising that more brands are taking action. 

Australia’s new digital-only telco, felix mobile, launched last year and has quickly established itself as a green business. Kelly Beater says that the company didn’t at the outset aim to be a sustainable telco, but the brand evolved …

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