Mad Mango On E-Commerce SEO vs Trade SEO [Video]

In part two of my talk with the the Mad Mango team; Aaron Uscilla and Robert DeFeo we spoke about E-Commerce SEO is very different from working with tradesmen because it is just a different business, they said. Tradesman are out working all day, so you won’t generally hear from them during business hours. But e-commerce clients are working all day and they are busier throughout the day talking with those customers and working with those customers throughout the day.

Also building links for e-commerce sites is easier for them than building links or content for trade businesses. Local SEO is less competitive because it is local specific and Google local pack rankings.

They didn’t say which SEO is better or easier, they said it is more a client to client specific thing. What is most important is having transparency between you and your clients. What helps with transparency is …

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