Looking at the big picture for small businesses [Video]

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Looking at the big picture for small businesses

– many businesses in our area are- thankful to be up-and-running — at least to some capacity once- again – but what does the big – picture look like for our – locally owned, small businesses- news 25's toni miles takes us – back to negrotto's- frame and art gallery in- gulfport – and to the – mississippi – gulf coast chamber of commerce – for that answer.- – it's often said art imitates- life — but one thing is for sure – – there's a lot more life at- negrotto's frame & art now that- gulfport business owner – butch simpson has been cleared- – – – to let his two employees return- to work.- butch simpson, owner of – negrotto's frame & art: " we were happy to get – them back and they were happy t- get back.

We were following the- state – guidelines.

We're still keeping- our doors locked.

Knock on the- door, set an- appointment, let them …

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