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Local SEO Manchester – Web Design – Web Development For Small Businesses & Start-Ups [Video]

Local SEO Manchester – Web Design – Web Development For Small Businesses & Start-Ups

This video discusses our new web design and web development services dedicated to small businesses and start-ups.

During Covid-19 we received Government funding to help small businesses and start-ups grow and develop their business via using digital products, marketing and promotion.

We are levelling the playing field and there is a cap on what we can charge for our websites. Our websites have been developed as the core whilst of course, images, content, videos etc can be customised to closely match the needs of the customer.

Oh yes, when we referred to cost, the cap…..well it’s a fair bit lower than £200 so talk to us.


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Website Design

Are you from Ukraine and registered in Germany? Learn Web Development and get a tech job! [Video]

Become a Web Developer in Germany 🇩🇪 — apply to a top coding school, study for free*, and get a tech job in just five months!For Ukrainian 💙💛 talents, we have dedicated spots and extra care from our Social Impact Programs Germany Team: we will support you from the application to the job placement!✅ 5 months of intensive full time remote training with WebDev experts - learn from anywhere!✅ job interviews with our Preferred Hiring Partners that want to employ our graduates✅ supportive community of 5000+ graduates all over Europe to ensure your successApply now to secure a spot in our June'22 group — only a few spots left!Our remote WebDev program is available to anyone and we encourage all candidates, especially with non-tech backgrounds, to apply — we have no doubts you can do it, as many of our graduates already have!*100% free with a Bildungsgutschein from Agentur für Arbeit/JobCenter. If you don't know what it is, fear not, we'll tell you all about it!